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These are the shows that made up
London Clown Festival 2022

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Editing & Post Production

London Clown Festival Opening Cabaret

Soho Theatre, Downstairs

27th June, 21:00 (90 mins)

£12 (plus £2 fees)

Always one of the most fun nights of the London Clown Festival.


Join us as we celebrate the opening of the 2022 London Clown Festival with a cabaret featuring some of the 2022 festival’s acts alongside some of London’s finest performers from outside of the festival. This is a high energy night gives you a taste of what's to come in the festival overall. 


Come for a night of fun and laughter and discover more to come back for.


Hosted by dynamic clown duo

The Establishment (Dan Lees and Neil Frost)

"Clowns of the highest order and their timing is millisecond perfect, their rapport with the audience is quick and slick, their relationship with each other is a joy to behold"
A Younger Theatre


Julia Masli

Rob Duncan

Roisin & Chiara

Henry Maynard

Sam Abu Wardeh

and maybe more...!

Main Image_Withered Optimism-No text.JPG

Withered Optimism

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

4th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£12 (plus £2 fees)

This spending of the best part of one’s life earning money in order to enjoy a questionable liberty during the least valuable part of it

Henry David Thoreau


That most rare and tragic of natures mistakes.  The Average Man

The Joker The Killing Joke.  Alan Moore.  


Award Nominated ‘Withered Optimism’ is a tender comic ode to the tyranny of work.  The show explores the eroded boundary between work and leisure and interrogates the constant connectivity that has taken its place. 

Its put upon protagonist is a hapless millennial dreaming of a simpler life yet stretched to breaking point by the violent centrifuge of the corporate world. When one day the pressure finally gets too much his sanity snaps and he is spun off on a hallucinatory odyssey amongst the flotsam and jetsam of late capitalism.  

Combining elements of clown, physical comedy, contemporary dance, visual vernacular and animation Withered Optimism is an arresting visual spectacle about the way we live now.  The piece features no language and is deaf accessible.  

Main Image_Frills & Spills.jpg

Frills & Spills

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

4th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£12 (plus £2 fees)

Frills & Spills is a darkly comic show about class, power and privilege by Stumble Trip Theatre. Stumble Trip was formed in Paris at the Jacques Lecoq school by Grace Church & Chloe Young in 2017. They specialise in mischievous, highly physical comedy theatre shows that have toured to Brighton Spiegeltent, Prague Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Wilderness Festival & Camden People's Theatre. 


Frills & Spills depicts a codependent Lady/Maid relationship that is grotesque, absurd and magnetic, used to explore the dark underbelly of the ruling classes. Frills & Spills looks unflinchingly at toxic power dynamics and the behaviours that perpetuate oppression.


Stumble Trip are currently creating a new show (supported by Arts Council and Shoreditch Town Hall) 'The Mother Sh*t', exploring the mother child dynamic which hopes to tour in 2022.


"Outstanding" Fringe Review

★★★★ Broadway Baby

★★★★ ThreeWeeks

★★★★ AYT

★★★★ LondonPubTheatres


Director: Georgia Murphy, Composer: James Oldham, Costume: Mady Berry, Set: Clemency Calkin, Photography: The Other Richard, Dramaturgs: Koko Brown, Rubyyy Jones, Peta Lily

Main Image_Lubbert.jpg


Soho Theatre, Upstairs

5th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£12 (plus £2 fees)

Before Adam and Eve stepped into the garden of Eden, God had a trial run… Meet Lubbert Dash – the first draft of man on earth.

Lubbert loves his garden. He loves exploring imaginary worlds... imaginary worlds with grotesque characters… foolish situations and surreal images in his delightfully absurd garden.


Lubbert knows no borders; in fact, Lubbert knows no words. Most of all, Lubbert just loves to laugh and play.

…A crazy journey through a garden full of madness... “Lubbert” is the stunning physical comedy show by Inda Pereda based on Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights


“Inda Pereda is a stage delirium! An accesible spectacle, a very fun show” TEATRE BARCELONA


“Inda Pereda made me giggle, snort, guffaw and squirm around in my seat.” RED BASTARD


“Clever, whimsical, imaginative, evocative and really, really funny.” A YOUNGER THEATRE


“Demented and utterly delightful. Master at work!” THEATRE BUBBLE


“An impressive physical journey! A craftsman and professional like Pereda is a breath of fresh air, revealing, current and very precise.” EN PLATEA


“Surrealistic, absurd and even grotesque gags but above all really funny” AUDIENCE MEMBER


Main Image_Fools Moon.jpg

Fool's Moon

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

5th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£12 (plus £2 fees)

Inspired by the 1518 Dance Plague the night will feature never before seen dance acts from your favourite clowns in town.


Hosted by Paulina Lenoir

Guests include:

Ella the Great, Frankie Thompson & Cloud, Lachlan Werner, Sara Segovia, Laurie Luxe, Nancy Trotter Landry, Sarah Woolfenden and a Salad Bag (directed by Dolly Kershaw).


Expect extravagant costumes, elaborate props and multiple left feet that may alleviate, if only momentarily, your existential crisis.


Past acts include Lucy Hopkins, Dan Lees, Julia Masli, Charlie Partridge, Lorna Rose Treen, Gemma Soldati, Coral Bevan, Anna Marie Simonsen, Chewy She, Mermaid Chunky, Serena Flynn, Patricia Langa, Ella Evans, Alejo de Mesa, Charlie Wood, Kaajel Patel, Hazel Townsend, Ryan Lane, WET MESS and many more.

Main Image - Don’t Do it, Don’t Do it, DO IT!.jpg

Zuma Puma: Don't Do It, Don't Do It, DO IT!

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

6th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£13 (plus £2 fees)

No one likes to be told what to do, least of all Zuma Puma, especially when facing the Good Girl’s Dilemma: DO IT or DON’T DO IT?... DO IT, Obviously!

Join this award-winning, Gaulier-Pochinko trained clown and her singing vagina on an Odyssey of Sexual Catastrophe.

Blending clown, puppetry, mask and music, Zuma battles her inner monster, shape shifting through characters in an uplifting and thought-provoking narrative that celebrates women and sexuality, confronts toxic patriarchal BS and brings an end to shame.


Full of Humour and Poignancy...For a show you’ll still be talking about days later, this is the one to see! ★ ★ ★ ★ Upside News, Australia


Be prepared to experience an emotional roller coaster, from absurdity to poignancy... An entertaining, thought-provoking and energetic sense of fun will follow you out of the theatre.

★ ★ ★ ★ Broadway Baby


Clever and multidisciplinary. Her delivery is spot-on – evidence of a versatile and accomplished artist... A theatrical ritual of self-empowerment...Trigger warning: contains belly laughs, motivational references and a rather outspoken vagina.

★ ★ ★ ★ Everything Theatre

Mai Image_Jeremy Segway (3).png

Jeremy Segway: A Life Out Of Balance (Presented by The Duncan Brothers)

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

6th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£13 (plus £2 fees)

A dramatic retelling of the life of Jeremy Segway. A man of vision, purpose and a calling to transform the transport of the future.


His invention the Segway was to change the world and how we travel within it. But his dream was cut short cruelly when his own invention directly led to his tragic death.


The Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality 2019

★★★★ The Scotsman

"Absurdity at its finest" Chortle

"Visually beautiful." Beyond The Joke

"It reaches the purest forms of nonsense and silly" Skinny

"An escape from meaning" The List

"The audience are reacting as if they've been starved of this content all their lives" Comedy To Watch


Main Image_Little Soldier MAIN IMAGE photo credit Pau Ros.jpg

Nothing Happens (Twice)

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

7th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£13 (plus £2 fees)

After an exciting few years making and touring shows all over the world, Mercè and Patricia have somehow lost momentum and hit rock bottom. They always knew that making theatre would be difficult, but when they have to dress up as flamingos in a shopping centre to make ends meet, they seriously consider giving up.


Can their shared dream of staging Waiting for Godot get them back on track or will their long held ambition be strangled by red tape?


A hilarious and sometimes moving exploration of companionship, co-dependency and what motivates us to keep going, even in the face of failure and bureaucratic brick walls.

Press Nothing Happens (Twice):

The funniest show I’ve seen in years. 


Absurdly entertaining & tragically hilarious.



Press for previous shows:

These clowns know exactly what they are doing. Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

I spent the majority of my time at Little Soldier’s show grinning like a happy idiot. Donald Hutera, EXEUNT MAGAZINE

Praise for The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha:

★★★★★ The Stage Technically brilliant and jaw-droppingly entertaining.

★★★★★ Broadway Baby The three plays put the audience in fits of laughter.

★★★★ Time Out Hilariously dirty adaptation.

★★★★ Exeunt An unpretentious, inventive and smartly silly delight.

★★★★ A Younger Theatre Hilarious and undeniably charming.

★★★★ The Skinny Their display of physical comedy ranges from charmingly traditional to brilliantly innovative.

Main Image_Vrooom Vrooom_Closeup.jpg

Josh Glanc: Vroom Vroom

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

7th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£13 (plus £2 fees)

Over the last two years Josh clocked up 293 days in lockdown – which is what happens when you spend 2020 in London and 2021 in Melbourne (the 3rd and 1st most locked-down cities in the world). 


In that time off Josh realised how much he needs an audience, how much he loves the stage, and how much… okay, you know what, let’s not pretend this isn’t me, Josh, writing this blurb…Hi friends, live comedy is back! Please come see my craaazzy show. Lmk? xx


Multi award-winning Aussie oddball Josh Glanc, returns to London.  Named one of Australia’s ‘most exciting emerging talents’ (The Age) and one of the top comedians to watch (Herald Sun).


A master of craze…The obvious reference point is his fellow Australian Sam Simmons…Both revel in the nuttiness of what they’re doing on stage, defying audiences to make sense of it. ★★★★’ Guardian’


'An extraordinary talent' ★★★★ Scotsman

absurd and dynamic '★★★★ Fest

‘Surreal, frenetic, peculiar... indisputably energising'  ★★★★ Herald Sun 

‘Impeccably well-crafted silliness'

★★★★★ Advertiser

★★★★½ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★★ West Australian

★★★★★ Funny Tonne

(Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Main Image - Luke Rollason_Bowerbird_Chair_4x5_v2 (3).jpg

Luke Rollerson: Bowerbird

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

8th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£14 (plus £2


Welcome to the Great Indoors.

This "gut-bustingly funny" (★★★★ The List) bird-brained boy has been hoarding his best show yet, and he’s finally ready to give it away to a good home.

It’s an absurd ode to the great indoors and the relationships we form with the objects we fill it with – the armchair singing the lost loves that left behind their bum imprints, abandoned utensils with uncertain parenthood, and the sordid spooning going on in your cutlery drawer.

Like visiting IKEA on acid, this is a psychedelic domestic breakdown that will make you totally rethink your mundane little life.

Star of the upcoming Disney+ Series EXTRAORDINARY. As seen on Channel 4’s viral series The B@IT.

"Amazingly entertaining"

★★★★★ Ed Fest Mag

"Pure, unbridled, laugh-out-loud silliness" ★★★★ Chortle

"Bizarre, original and ridiculously fun"

★★★★ Voice Mag UK

"Resistance is futile" ★★★★ The Wee Review



Dan Lees: Clown Jam

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

8th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£14 (plus £2 fees)


Clowning and music mashed up into a tasty irresistible paste. The happy place where physical comedy, rhythm and melody meet. 


Join Dan Lees for a night of ridiculous props, vibing grooves and stupid songs with a full clown band featuring special guests.

One night only!

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser

★★★★ The Scotsman

★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ Fest

★★★★ A Younger Theatre

★★★★★ Glam Adelaide

★★★★ The Skinny

★★★★ Voice


"Comedy genius..Lees is a master of simplicity"



"Silliness as an art form"



“It’s a joy to witness the effects of such assured absurdity."



Dan Lees is one half of award-winning duo The Establishment and co-creator of Legs and Logs. 


Lachlan Werner: Voices of Evil

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

9th July, 15:30 (60 mins)

£14 (plus £2 fees)

Ventriloquism as you’ve never seen before... a hilarious sell-out queer horror

Lachy is a poof, and apparently a virgin. Brew is a small, squishy witch, and she has decided to sacrifice him. To help with his self-esteem.

Together, they’ll bring your worst nightmares to life in a ceremony of paranormal tricks and treats. But when the ritual releases a sinister entity with a lust for destruction, the virginal Lachy may never be the same…


Main Image_Garry Starr_Greece Lighting.jpg

Garry Starr: Greece Lightning

Soho Theatre, Upstairs

9th July, 19:15 (60 mins)

£14 (plus £2 fees)

WINNER Pick of the Fringe - Adelaide Fringe 2022

WINNER Best Comedy - Adelaide Fringe 2022 Weekly


An overzealous idiot attempts to perform all of Greek Mythology in less than 60 minutes in order to save his Hellenic homeland from economic ruin. 


Never before has Medusa been looser, Achilles more sillies or Uranus so heinous.


Having single handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi-award-winning debut show Garry Starr Performs Everything, comic wunderkind Garry returns with another anarchic masterclass not to be mythed.


★★★★½ "Utter chaos - in the best way possible"  The Age


★★★★ “Uproariously silly - he threads us through the labyrinth with a lunatic’s charm”

Time Out


★★★★ “Garry Starr’s Herculean attempt to cover the entirety of Classical Greek history in an hour is a laugh a minute” The Advertiser


★★★★★ "Insanely clever and gloriously stupid. I laughed so hard that tears and snot ran down my face"  Theatre Thoughts


★★★★★ “Uncomfortably brilliant!” 

See Do Eat Review


★★★★★ "Charms and delights the audience at every opportunity" IN Daily


★★★★★ "This weirdly wonderful show will have you in fits" -What’s On Adelaide


Main Image_CLOWNTS.png


Soho Theatre, Upstairs

9th July, 21:15 (60 mins)

£14 (plus £2 fees)

CLOWNTS is a once-in-a-lifetime royal rumble, as three jesters (critically-acclaimed idiots Viggo Venn, Julia Masli and Sami Abu Wardeh) compete to please the King. Fringe favourite John-Luke Roberts presides over this bizarre battle royale where only one clown can survive.

Praise for the combatants: 

✭✭✭✭ (The List)"quite unlike anything else you'll see"
★★★★ (Fest Mag) "all possibilities exist and anything can happen."

★★★★ (Skinny) 'Masli’s set pieces hit every beat, leaving the audience in stitches'
★★★★ (List) 'Pure absurdist silliness, a chance to lose yourself'

★★★★ 1/2 (ReviewsHub) "no-one can take their eyes off him."

Praise for the King: JOHN-LUKE ROBERTS
★★★★ (The Guardian) "A one-man finger in the dyke against the blandification of comedy"
★★★★ (The Times
★★★★ (The Telegraph)



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