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Opening night Cabaret

London Clown Festival

11th May, 20:30 (90 mins)



Another ridiculous beginning to a silly Festival.

The Opening Night Cabaret event for the 2017 London Clown Festival is a mix of the finest performers from across the festival giving you a taste of what's to come overall. 

Expect hilarity and absurdity and a bar that will stay open for drinks in the Art Deco splendour of Hornsey Town Hall.

Hosted by multi-award-winning Lucy Hopkins

It’s not one to miss.

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One Man Two Ghosts

Farce Forward

11th May, 19:15 (55 mins)


Three idiots spoof Noel Coward in a unique and ridiculous vision of ‘Blithe Spirit’.


A hilarious, unpredictable, irreverent farce from the team behind Lost Cabaret.


"One of the most original and talented trios in Britain" John Fleming, Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards “Wonderfully inventive and mischievous” Cal McCrystal, One Man Two Guvnors

Editing & Post Production


Flabbergast Theatre

(Performed at Wilton's Music Hall)

11th - 13th May, 19:30 (60 mins)

£10.50 - £17.50

From the creators of Boris & Sergey comes a one-hour, one-man show featuring puppetry, physical comedy and mime.

Hilarious, absurd and often magical, this show juxtaposes themes of loneliness and belonging with joy and exhilaration. Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a poetic and surreal journey (with more than a little silliness thrown in).

Get 20% off when you book to see Boris & Sergy's Astonishing Freakatorium on the same night.

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Welcome To Paradise

Ship of Fools

11th May, 19:00 (60 mins)


Strap in for the Captain & Raoul's hilarious, playfully anarchic bouffon clown rollercoaster ride to the darkest corners of the grotto that reveals the icky mold under the tree.

Controversial theatre company Ship of Fools bring their unique brand of bouffon theatre to the London Clown Festival for one1 show only. 

Expect danger, hilarity and horror in equal measure as they tap-dance back and forth over the lines of decency for your entertainment.

You will laugh. 

You will cry. 

You might even kill yourself!

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Natalie Palamides

12th May, 19:30 (50 mins)


A woman who lays an egg every day faces the decision: to raise it or to eat it. Natalie Palamides, Los Angeles based comedian, Upright Citizens' Brigade performer and Just for Laughs vet, explores motherhood with absurd dilemmas, silly routines and surreal physical comedy.


A melodrama of yolks, shells and funerals - Palamides brings her playful and cunning character to life in the madness of LAID. Co-devised and directed by Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, Doctor Brown.

"Palamides makes a solo show that's so absurd and funny, it might almost be in a unique category of its own." Los Angeles Comedy Bureau

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Mr Grebe Is Taking Your Class Today

Donal Coonan

12th May, 19:45 (50 mins)


One supply teacher.

All the subjects.

No idea.

Mr Grebe is a supply teacher on the verge of existential collapse. His aim? To teach everything. Witness human snooker balls (physics), tango-with-an-easel (art), a glimpse into the life of loft insulation (psychology) and much more. 

This show is not for OFSTED inspectors. But it is for you.

★★★★★ Fringe Guru

★★★★ The List

★★★★ Chortle

Editing & Post Production

Fred Strangebone's Freakshow

Ben Whitehead / Honky Bonk Theatre

12th May, 20:00 (60 mins)


Fred Strangebone, comedian, poet and quiet loner, comes to the London Clown Festival with his "hilarious and heart-warming" show.


He invites you to a sideshow tent of unsettling curiosities. Peel back the flapping canvas door and behold the freaks within. A one-man variety show of character comedy, clowning and spine-chilling verse. 

“Comedy genius” London Pub Theatres
“The beauty of comedy is that everybody in the room is having a great time” A Younger Theatre
“More laughs than a hyena on nitrous oxide” Horror Hothouse
“Uniquely wonderful” The Play’s the Thing

Editing & Post Production

BALLS: Everything You Always Wanted To Do On Stage But Never Dared Try

12th May, 21:00 (90 mins)


High Risk Cabaret for the fearless.


Come and watch a fantastic line up of performers smash out 5 min slots of stuff they’ve never done before, performed for the first time ever in front of a live Audience (you).


Hosted by the physically improbable Lucy Hopkins and her Gorgeous Dog.


Refinement is overrated.

Come on down

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Man of 1000 Farces

12th May, 21:30 (50 mins)


This is solo character/physical grotesquerie ,with a bombardment of illusion, mask,puppetry and sideshow.

Having cut his teeth with Cirque Archaos, he continues to perform internationally, in the spirit of Max Wall and Iggy Pop. 100% schlock n roll. (BTW - He did not study with Gaullier.)

"I cried, I was laughing so much." Gj

"Absolutely hilarious and terrifying all at once! Great show with high energy and skill - thoroughly enjoyed!!" SB

“Proper bit of entertainment, non stop surprises and giggles throughout the show! Five star rock n roll entertainment!" ★★★★★ SG

Editing & Post Production

Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo The Can Never be Caught

13th May, 12:00

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Calling all hippo expert enthusiasts!


This award-winning family show for all ages will have kids storming the stage. Come and help the forgetful Dr Zeiffal catch that crafty hippo with her patented Hippo Instruments, featuring the Invisible Hippo Blanket, Hippo Google Goggles and a blizzard of Hippo packaging.


Expect belly laughs, belly flops and fantastical falling over in this ridiculous new adventure.


Winner: Best Family Show

Buxton Fringe 2016

Editing & Post Production

the Mrs McMoon Show

13th May, 14:00 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Reccomeded for ages 6+)

Meet Mrs McMoon: chaotic, cheeky and mischievous. With a twinkle in her eye and a hop in her step she invites you to join her show stopping, unpredictable venture.


Mrs McMoon is preparing the show that’s going to put her name in lights. She has to find the costumes, paint the set, learn her lines. But after all this mayhem and belly-aching laughter, will Mrs McMoon become a superstar?

"Storytelling at its finest… a truly lovely show" ★★★★★ Fringe Review

"Each of these character changes are quick and inventive" ★★★★ The List


"By the end of the show the children were standing up screaming 'Mrs McMoon!' ” ★★★★★ One4Review

Editing & Post Production

The Story of The Nervous Man

Neil Frost / Honky Bonk Theatre

13th May, 17:00 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Reccomeded for ages 12+)

Neil Frost can't speak, so his audience must tell his tale to help this nervous man change the monotony of his life. A riotous hour of clowning, character and living in the moment. Nominated for the Prague Fringe Inspiration Award (Best New Show)

‘Pushes the cutting edge of mime and interactivity… hysterically funny’

Fringe Review

‘Utterly foolish... a great deal of fun’ Prague Fringe

 ‘Neil Frost’s show is a gem of a piece… guaranteed to give you a good hour of enjoymentMetropolist

‘It's a no-brainer, you must see!

Ed Fringe Reviews

Editing & Post Production

Dan Lees: Brainchild

13th May, 18:30 (50 mins)


Life's weightier questions are thoroughly demolished in this award-winning physical comedy that veers from the profound to the ridiculous. A host of eccentric characters explore the futility of our existence, from a cheese-loving pope to a lonely cowboy with only a goldfish for a friend.

Directed by Mick Barnfather (Complicite)


★★★★ “An evening of discovery and laughter” The Adelaide Advertiser


"Lees plays with the normal, gives it a spiritual-origami fold, a twist and a turn and suddenly a move or a mundane sentence is an act of comedy genius.. Lees is a master of simplicity" Fringe Review


"An hour of utter foolishness masterminded by a mad genius.. A delight from start to finish" Prague Fringe


Mimetic Festival Judges Award for Theatre Winner  2014
Editing & Post Production


13th May, 19:30 (90 mins)


The cutting edge and raucously topical variety show comes to the London Clown Festival. An experimental, intimate, provocative platform for women in the arts to disrupt the status quo. The brief is simple - we must try something new and it must be perverse, profane and political. 


Join us in the Council Chamber of Hornsey Town Hall, where, for one night only, we take on Justice. Bold, brave, bizarre.


The line-up includes Lucy Hopkins, Annie Bashford, Lara Mannay, Marga Villalonga and Amy Gwilliam. More acts to be announced soon.


It is going to be riotous, daring, and very, very important.

Editing & Post Production

Withered Optimism


13th May, 20:00 (50 mins)


Withered Optimism is a tender comic ode to the tyranny of work and the pressures of modern living.  It’s put upon protagonist is a hapless millennial dreaming of a simpler life yet stretched to breaking point by the violent centrifuge of the corporate world.


When one day the pressure finally gets too much his sanity snaps and he is spun off on a hallucinatory odyssey amongst the flotsam and jetsam of late capitalism.  

Combining live action, elements of clown, physical comedy, object manipulation and animation, Withered Optimism is an arresting visual spectacle about the way we live now.

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