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London Clown Tarot: The Fool's Journey

Betsey Trotwood, EC1R 3BL

14th July, entry slots from 17:00 - 17:45

After party from 19:30 - 22:00

£26 (No bookig fee)

For one evening only, ticket holders will go on a fool’s journey with some of the funniest idiots in town…

This is an unprecedented evening of immersive and transformational theatre! 

For the first time in history 22 incredible contemporary London clowns will play all 22 cards of the major arcana of the Tarot, which have been combined, in a unique deck, with historic London Clowns. This embodied clown Tarot deck will be positioned over the three floors of The Betsey Trotwood pub, waiting for an audience to play with… 

The audience are invited, after a tarot reading at the door, to venture inside and meet their embodied cards. But the game is yet more ingenious and begins as soon as you buy your ticket - the entire audience will also embody a chimerical clown card, this time from the cards of the Tarot’s minor arcana. ​


In order to play this ridiculous game, after buying a ticket, you should ask your own life question* to the clown tarot: the email to send your question to will be revealed to you once you have bought your ticket. 
This is your opportunity to play with and embody your very own clown tarot card. Please feel free to dress up in whatever way pleases you. This is a night to celebrate clowns past and present.
On the evening of the event arriving at your assigned time slot between 5 and 6pm you will repeat your question on the threshold of The Betsey Trotwood Pub and receive a reading from the major arcana of The Tarot. You might meet this card within or get sidetracked by other games on this unusual evening when the entire tarot is foolishly embodied over three floors. Each clown you meet will have games and performances that could resonate with your quest and bring idiotic insight for your delight. 
We are all fools and we are all on a journey, we might be looking for answers when we could simply enjoy the ride. Will this be your playful journey of clown awakening as you explore, encounter and enjoy ‘wisdom’ from the cards through delightfully dim-witted games and performances, created to inspire transformations in very silly ways? 
Please enter into the spirit of the unexpected, as this experimental night of clown carnival has never before been attempted.  
The immersive theatrical event will end around 7.30pm pm when a party to celebrate The London Clown Festival will begin, ending at 10pm. 

Do not miss this event! We have incredible award-winning clowns performing on the night, too many to list in fact!

*Disclaimer – these are clowns not clairvoyants, please ask a question in a playful spirit of lighthearted curiosity and fun!

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