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Editing & Post Production

Red Bastard

18th May, 19:30 (60 mins)


Red Bastard is a dangerous, seductive comedy monster! 


After a flood of 5-star reviews for his sell out seasons at Edinburgh Fringe, Red Bastard immerses LCF2017 in his critically-acclaimed show.  Prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride of raw conversation, traps/rewards and catch-22’s where “Something interesting must happen every 10 seconds”… And it will.   


Winner: Best in theater- Hollywood Fringe

Winner: Outstanding Solo Performance- Ottawa Fringe

Winner: Most Outrageous Show- Hollywood Fringe

Winner: Best of Fest- Toronto Fringe

Winner: Best of Fest- Edmonton Fringe

Winner: Best of Fest- Vancouver Fringe

Winner: Best of Fest- Winnipeg Fringe


Editing & Post Production

Spencer Jones as the Herbert

18th May, 19:45 (60 mins)


Double Barry UK winner, BAFTA Nominee and holder of 5 GCSE's in C and above, Spencer Jones is chuffed to return to the London Clown Festival as The Herbert. This is a Work In Progress show about a man, in his flat on the morning of an very important movie audition.


As seen on Live At The Apollo.


‘You will not encounter a show that puts a bigger smile on your face… Surrender to the sheer infectious fun of this latterday Tommy Cooper.’

★★★★ Evening Standard

Editing & Post Production

Lucy Hopkins: Powerful Women Are About

13th May, 21:30 (60 mins)


Preview: A Vibrational Revolution of Being channeled by a Goddess. Part electro-ritual, part theremin-experiment, part light-fantastic. Ultra-conscious comedy by award-winning, internationally touring, terribly present clown. Come as you are. Leave transformed.

"Hopkins is fantastic" The Guardian 

Lucy Hopkins is also known as Aunty Val in Spencer Jones' Christmas short (Sky TV) and Charlie Chuck's assistant Mary. Her solo show Le Foulard (The Veil) toured the UK (Soho Theatre), Europe and Australia (Blue Room Theatre, MICF, Adelaide Fringe, Brisbane Powerhouse), winning Best Theatre Performer Adelaide Fringe 2013, Best Theatre Adelaide Fringe 2013, Prague Fringe Creative Award 2012 and Bedfringe Pick of the Fest 2012.

Editing & Post Production

Mrs Jonjo Has Missed The Point Entirely

18th May, 19:45 (60 mins)


MrsJonjo is getting to grips with some iconic pieces of pop culture, and dishing up tall tales along the way. A one clown cabaret leaping from cinematic disasters, iconic pop songs and sporting legends all with a wide eyed joy of one who is having a great time but has missed the point entirely.

This is MrsJonjo's debut hour show and it will make its premier at the London Clown Festival.


“Through tears of laughter the audience watched as Mrs JonJo narrated and acted out the story...” VADA Magazine

“...brilliant parody...a great deadpan delivery... “ The Reviews Hub

Editing & Post Production

Lucy Pearman: & A Cabbage

18th May, 20:00 (45 mins)


"Traditionally, unmarried girls were sent into the veg garden to choose the 'perfect' cabbage." (Anon)

Lucy Pearman presents a work in progress at this years London Clown Festival. Expect playful nonsense and a talking cabbage. 

"Brilliantly playful..marks Lucy out as something rather special"

Laugh Out London

"Lucy Pearman is so very endearing to watch and an integral feature of pioneering new comedy in a big way" Funny Women

Editing & Post Production

Zach & Viggo: Dream Team

18th May, 21:00 (60 mins)


WINNER: Best Comedy

Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award

WINNER: Best Comedy

Brighton Fringe 


After a SOLD OUT run at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and an eighteen month tour of The US, Europe and Australia, award-winning, Norwegian-American comedy duo Zach & Viggo return to London with a brand new hour of madness! Directed by Jonny Woolley. 


★★★★★ 'A true fringe highlight'

The Latest

★★★★.5 'Your new favourite double act'  Chortle

★★★★ ’Terrible'

The Scotsman

Editing & Post Production

Planet Earth III

Luke Rollason

18th May, 21:15 (50 mins)


Planet Earth III is a low-budget, one-man nature documentary set in a future where our worst predictions came true


following ecological collapse, thousands of endangered species are extinct, including the BBC. But one plucky (and unpaid) intern isn't giving up the fight - and right on programming schedule, he's going to give us a third series.


Armed with obsolete office supplies and a surreal imagination, nature's weirdos are brought back to life by the "impressive, in a very bizarre way" (LondonTheatre1) clown Luke Rollason.

Editing & Post Production

Post Clowning

Citizens of Nowhere

18th May, 21:30 (60 mins)


‘Post-Clowning’ is a variety show with no allegiance to either contemporary or traditional clowning, using any stupid means possible to make the unthinkable digestible through self-ridicule. At once avant-garde and classical, grotesque and whimsical, with no aesthetic axes to grind.


Jon Davison’s production brings together an international bunch of Citizens of Nowhere to be what everyone knows clowns are: funny, stupid, ridiculous, chaotic laughter-objects for our entertainment.


And if you don’t laugh, they will apologise and leave the stage, having no creative agendas of their own, no pretensions to be recognised as artists.

Editing & Post Production

Helen Duff: When The Going Gets Duff

19th May, 19:30 (50 mins)



"Master of shamelessly silly yet socially conscious clowning" Helen Duff returns with a bold, subversive and very funny show about life as a fully exposed idiot. 

TRIGGER WARNING: doughnuts may be shared in an effort to illustrate why basic demand and supply economics needs a tantric overhaul.

Amused Moose New Act Award Finalist 2017.  Soon to be seen alongside Will Ferrell and John C. Reilley in the 2018 Feature Film HOLMES & WATSON. 

“Absolutely shameless, boldly ridiculous, embarrassingly funny” ★★★★ Australia Times
“Quick witted and supremely empowered ... a formidable comic” ★★★★

The Scotsman

Editing & Post Production

Marny Godden is One Tooth

19th May, 19:45 (50 mins)


Marny Godden is one of the most joyful and original voices in British comedy. Whether it be in her live shows or onscreen performances, her rag-tag collection of characters transport audiences into a playground of silliness and stupidity. In this, her latest creation, a toothless punk beguiles the audience with tales from the tooth. 

“Sublimely silly, brilliant surreal”

The Times

“Perfectly executed comedy”

Edinburgh Evening News

“Godden’s style is hilarious” Threeweeks

“Outstandingly performed”

Broadway Baby

Editing & Post Production

Waiting For It

Wild Dandelions

19th May, 20:00


A mystical physical adventure inviting audiences to join two scientists on their playful discoveries beyond the barricades of fear.

In Waiting For It, scientists work mysteriously in their laboratory until they are confronted by the voice of their creator.


Embarking on a surreal journey, encountering mystical lands and fantastical creatures to find the end of all their questions.

Editing & Post Production

Ben Target's Orangeade

19th May, 21:00 (50 mins)


Gentle comedy. Mellow Drama. Balmy ballgames. Peeling back the years with a softer show, the sunset on an endless summer from "maverick physical comedian (and Edinburgh Best Newcomer nominee) Ben Target" The Guardian


"Impressively funny" Scotsman. "Imagine there was no Ben Target. The world would unquestionably be a darker, less interesting place" ★★★★ Chortle


"Target is a great find and will leave you warmed up physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally" ★★★★1/2 Adelaide Advertiser


"Ben Target is a breath of fresh, daft air" The List


"A true original and a legend in the making" The Guardian

Editing & Post Production


Inda Pereda

19th May, 21:15 (50 mins)



Inda Pereda's hilarious one-man show uses physical comedy, sound and mime to build a wild, imaginary dreamscape bound up in exciting, ridiculous and grotesque situations *ahem* emergency operations, unusual body musicals, the happy birth of mutant beings - and is populated by a host of crazy universal characters - *err* annoyed Japanese samurais and happy cows.

TRAPPED unlocks a place where surreal worlds converge with nonsense, where irreverent moments lead to trasnscendent beauty.

“Demented and utterly delightful. Master at work!” Theatre Bubble

“His visual and verbal clowning creates startlingly real and incredibly funny scenarios.” Carn's theatre Passion

“I wish I made this piece” Jamie Wood

Editing & Post Production

Cheekykita: Somewhere In The Ether

19th May, 21:30 (55 mins)


Cheekykita's dream,what's inside? Take a trip into the ether, this clown comedian has been compared to The Mighty Boosh & Spike Milligan.

'It is the silliest, maddest, funniest hour I have ever spent and it is fantastic' ★★★★★ Funny Women & Fringe Review

'Like Alice in Wonderland on Adderall, Cheekykita is curious, shambolic and kind of magical' The List

'one of those shows that I would describe as a work of genius without being able to pin down exactly why' Lynne Parker

“one of the strangest acts you’re ever likely to see" The Manchester Wire

2014 Prague Fringe award winner, NATYS Finalist, Laughing Horse runner-up

Editing & Post Production

Jamie Wood: I Am A Tree (WIP)

20th May, 18:00 (60 mins)


When Jamie is still for any length of time, someone finds him and tells him about their life. His girlfriend says he is like a tree that dogs like to wee on. He gets that from his Grandfather.

Last year Jamie walked 150 miles back to where his grandparents were born to look for what he'd lost.

From the creator of O No! (★★★★ The Times) comes something else entirely. A dance party with ghosts, in a forest, in a theatre. An invitation to drink deep, to face the shadows that growl on your insides and laugh big.

Editing & Post Production

El Diablo of the Cards

20th May, 18:30 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

WINNER: Spirit of The Fringe, Hamilton  Fringe


"Master at getting his audience involved and excited" Fringe Review

“Highly entertaining master of the cards" Cable 14 Hamilton


Award-winning, clown and card magic Show “El Diablo of The Cards” comes all the way from Ouro Preto-Brazil to bring you an UNFORGETTABLE night.


Really unreal, provocatively absurd, gaulier-graduated Ewerton Martins will astound with his unbelievable improvised card magic. You will never laugh so much while being AMAZED!

“Martins perform a spectacular show of pure magic, improvisation and clowing.”  View Magazine

“I don’t trust him!” Philippe Gaulier

Editing & Post Production

Elf Lyons: SWAN

20th May, 19:00 (50 mins)


The Giraffe limbed clown and raconteur is back with her most eccentric comedy show yet. Think big. Think weird. Mathew Bourne would be proud. It’s going to be fun. And sexy. Yeah. Let’s throw that word in there too. Graduate of L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier.


“Hilariously Brave” One of British Vogue’s ‘Top Twenty Names of Now’

“Endearingly eccentric on so many levels.” Fest

"A fast talking, smart-thinking standup for whom the adjective "kooky" could have been invented for” The Guardian

"Enthusiastically peculiar...  showing sexy, nerdy and funny aren’t mutually incompatible." Chortle

Editing & Post Production

The Establishment: Eton Mess

20th May, 19:30 (60 mins)


Dan Lees and Neil Frost as two quintessentially English gentlemen from a bygone era, struggling to hold onto their whimsical world of cricket, tea and secret arms deals.

“You can imagine this going down very well indeed at the Palladium or the BBC.” 


The Stage
“Enjoy the charming chutzpah of Dan Lees and Neil Frost ... they don’t miss a beat” ★★★★

The Skinny
“One of the best shows I’ve seen.. top class” ★★★★★

Mumble Comedy
"Very well observed"  ★★★★1/2

The Reviews Hub

NATY 2017 finalists

Editing & Post Production

Twisted Loaf Are Off Yeast

20th May, 20:00 (50 mins)


Libby & Nina have no idea how to crowd fund and they don't quite get hash-tagging. What's a youtube channel?


Expect low-fi special effects and awkward moments that this pair of idiots have no idea how to navigate.


This year Twisted Loaf are going off-yeast as they celebrate their stupidity

★★★★★ "Witty, imaginative and hilarious, it's hard to imagine anything else that can quite match it" The Skinny


★★★★ "Twisted Loaf's ugly onslaught leaves me feeling sick, disturbed and in need of a lie down" The Guardian

Editing & Post Production

Shesus & The Sistas in SELF SERVICE - A Resurrection Story

20th May, 20:30 (60 mins)


Sometimes death is the only option - just make sure that on your way out, you make a serious fuss.


A story of self-love, lunacy & transformationalisationic behaviour.

Come & be touched by Shesus and her Sistas, both inside & out.

Shesus is your multi-gendered Miss-iah reincarnation. The Sistas are genuine twins. Together, they have come to heal you. 


This trio of fools bash out entertainment found somewhere between comedy, cabaret and therapy and by the end of the night they guarentee you'll be dancing and leave fully healed.

Editing & Post Production

Red Bastard: Lie With Me (WIP)

20th May, 21:00 (60 mins)


What kind of monster would have an affair? You're about to find out. Every… single… one of you.


Red Bastard has come to expose the lies we tell our lovers and those bastards who made us lie in the first place! Red Bastard returns to charm, disarm, shock and seduce in this brilliant new show.


'Jaw dropping' ★★★★★ The Scotsman 'Red Bastard will change your life'  ★★★★★ The Skinny

'Top-5-shows in the UK' ★★★★★ The List

'Not a show. This is an experience'

Editing & Post Production

Madame Señorita: The Expector

20th May, 21:30 (50 mins)


Paula Valluerca, AKA Madame Señorita, "A physical comedy talent with an impressive voice" Chortle, presents The Expector. Combining fear and fun, sexiness and madness, it´s a twisted exploration of womanhood and the idiocy around it. A surreal, musical, Spanish fever dream of seductive horror clowning. This is a totally unique solo show.

"disturbing & brilliant and will stay with you after the laughter has faded"  Pink Fringe - Brighton Fringe 2016

A piece influenced by the clowning and game techniques of the comedy Master Phillip Gaulier and the physical theatre school of french gurú Jaques Lecoq.

★★★★ "You'll definately come back for more”  TV Bomb

Editing & Post Production


Flabdergast Theatre / OfTheJackel

20th May, 22:00 (60 mins)


You were raised to believe anything was possible. To never to settle for second best. Follow your heart. Now it's time to live the dream and you can't even get an interview for an unpaid internship.


From the depths of somewhere dark and unpleasant two distorted freaks scamper to the surface ready to hold a mirror up to your paltry existence. The frivolous frailty of your fragile life. Face your fears, laugh at your weaknesses. Skip into the night, lighter, unburdened.


Bouffon takes it's origins from medieval France. The disabled and mentally ill, exiled from the walled towns, were allowed back in once a year to mock the dearly held beliefs of the society that had shunned them


We invite you to witness our beautiful, disgusting Bouffon double act. An exhilarating, hilariously confrontational satire on the human condition.

Editing & Post Production
Pay What you Want

Frankie Foxstone

aka The Profit

A Walking Progress

20th May, 19.15. 20.45(20 mins)

Pay What You Want

Property visionary, entrepreneur and future politician, Frankie Foxstone, is on a mission: to streamline, homogonise and ultimately cleanse the streets of London. She knows it’s not going to be an easy task, but someone’s got to do it.


Join her on an interactive tour of Hornsey Town Hall, as she unveils plans for a 5* Casino Hotel Spa and Golf Club. She is seeking bold, cash-rich potential investors to join her in this venture. Not clowns.


“Brilliantly weird. Weirdly brilliant.”


“Sublime. Ridiculous.”


“A tour de force. So close to the bone. Hilarious parody becomes living nightmare.”,,

Editing & Post Production

The Big Balloon Spectacular

Circo Ridiculoso

21st May, 12:00 (45 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Recommeded for ages 3+)

A unique and fantastic show combining comedy, balloons, mayhem and daftness. Danny the Idiot entertains with timeless skill and incredible balloon stunts of stupidity. Audience interaction, hilarity for both adults & children, all ending in a daring finale!


Danny the Idiot is a master balloonsmith and an internationally acclaimed award winning balloon entertainer. Just come and see for yourselves - you'll love it!

“A master of his own brand of tomfoolery” The Stage

Show length – Approximately 45 minutes no interval.

Warning! Loud balloon pops

Editing & Post Production

Mr Pineapple Head

21st May, 13:00 (45 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

A theatre clown show for all the family. Mr Pineapple Head performs in the style of silent clown. He invites grown ups to share in the joy that the children experience as audience.


He has been continuously developing and fine tuning the show over 25 years. Research with master clowns, particularly Avner Eisenberg has led him to bring a purity and craft to his shows which comprise original material and classic vintage clown routines, including a deck chair sketch, personally handed on to him by 1950s/60s variety artist Ken Wilson.


Join Mr Pineapple Head as he explores the world of play and silliness, encountering everyday household items and space age toys……..

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